Lash & Brow Tint 20mlLash & Brow Tint 20ml
Apraise Lash & Brow Tint 20ml
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£4.75(Ex. VAT)
In stock
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Tint Stain Remover 100ml
Apraise Tint Stain Remover 100ml
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£2.95(Ex. VAT)
In stock
Micellar Water 500ml
Apraise Micellar Water 500ml
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£8.30(Ex. VAT)
In stock
Liquid Tint Developer 50ml
Apraise Liquid Tint Developer 50ml
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£2.40(Ex. VAT)
Out of stock
Cream Developer 3% 100ml
Apraise Cream Developer 3% 100ml
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£4.35(Ex. VAT)
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Eyelash Tinting Brush
Apraise Eyelash Tinting Brush
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£3.30(Ex. VAT)
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Eyelash  Protective Sheets 96 Pack
Apraise Eyelash Protective Sheets 96 Pack
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£3.60(Ex. VAT)
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Salon Starter Tinting Kit
Apraise Salon Starter Tinting Kit
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£28.15(Ex. VAT)
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Petroleum Jelly 50ml
Apraise Petroleum Jelly 50ml
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£2.05(Ex. VAT)
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Cooling Aloe Vera Gel 500ml
Apraise Cooling Aloe Vera Gel 500ml
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£7.50(Ex. VAT)
Out of stock
Power Serum 10mlPower Serum 10ml
Apraise Power Serum 10ml
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£10.45(Ex. VAT)
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