Cases & Holdalls

Head Jog Equipment Case BlackHead Jog Equipment Case Black
Hairtools Head Jog Equipment Case Black
Sale price (Ex. VAT)From £22(Ex. VAT)
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Haito Duo Trolley Bag
Hairtools Haito Duo Trolley Bag
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£75.99(Ex. VAT)
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Accessory Box
Hairtools Accessory Box
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£7.50(Ex. VAT)
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Single Scissor Zip Case Black
AMA Single Scissor Zip Case Black
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£4.99(Ex. VAT)
In stock
Tool Carry Bag Black
WAHL Tool Carry Bag Black
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£13.49(Ex. VAT)
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Haito Tool Belt Black
Hairtools Haito Tool Belt Black
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£13.99(Ex. VAT)
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Implement Tool Roll BlackImplement Tool Roll Black
Salon system Implement Tool Roll Black
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£3(Ex. VAT)
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Haito Stylist Glitter Scissor Case
Hairtools Haito Stylist Glitter Scissor Case
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£10.99(Ex. VAT)
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Cosmetic Vanity Case Black
DMI Cosmetic Vanity Case Black
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£9.99(Ex. VAT)
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Tool Carry Bag Pink
WAHL Tool Carry Bag Pink
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£12.99(Ex. VAT)
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Session Bag Black
Hairtools Session Bag Black
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£21.99(Ex. VAT)
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College Holdall Black
Hairtools College Holdall Black
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£11.50(Ex. VAT)
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Storage Box Rose Gold MediumStorage Box Rose Gold Medium
Belleco Storage Box Rose Gold Medium
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£47(Ex. VAT)
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