Professional Tanning

Twilight Mistress 9%Twilight Mistress 9%
Crazy Angel Twilight Mistress 9%
Sale price (Ex. VAT)From £7.75(Ex. VAT)
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Tanning Drops 30ml
Crazy Angel Tanning Drops 30ml
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£7.45(Ex. VAT)
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Bronze Instant Airbrush  200ml
Crazy Angel Bronze Instant Airbrush 200ml
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£6.99(Ex. VAT)
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Wing Smoothing Spray 200ml
Crazy Angel Wing Smoothing Spray 200ml
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£2.65(Ex. VAT)
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Golden Mistress 6%Golden Mistress 6%
Crazy Angel Golden Mistress 6%
Sale price (Ex. VAT)From £6.70(Ex. VAT)
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Golden Duo Pack
Crazy Angel Golden Duo Pack
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£7.95(Ex. VAT)
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Tanning Kit Elite
Crazy Angel Tanning Kit Elite
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£293.30(Ex. VAT)
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Self Tan Mousse 200ml
Crazy Angel Self Tan Mousse 200ml
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£8.95(Ex. VAT)
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Noir Mistress 16% 1000ml
Crazy Angel Noir Mistress 16% 1000ml
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£43.80(Ex. VAT)
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Midnight Mistress 13%Midnight Mistress 13%
Crazy Angel Midnight Mistress 13%
Sale price (Ex. VAT)From £8.85(Ex. VAT)
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Halo Polish Scrub 250ml
Crazy Angel Halo Polish Scrub 250ml
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£5.20(Ex. VAT)
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Desire Gift Set
Crazy Angel Desire Gift Set
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£10.95(Ex. VAT)
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