Salon Furniture Accessories

Hair Trap White
Hairtools Hair Trap White
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£3.77(Ex. VAT)
Out of stock
Salon Basin CushionSalon Basin Cushion
Nekeze Salon Basin Cushion
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£7.99(Ex. VAT)
Out of stock
Hairdryer Hood Black
Hairtools Hairdryer Hood Black
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£8.99(Ex. VAT)
In stock
Rubbernex Economy 2 Pack
Hairtools Rubbernex Economy 2 Pack
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£10.99(Ex. VAT)
In stock
Shower Spray Single White
Sibel Shower Spray Single White
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£6.50(Ex. VAT)
Out of stock
Silicone Neck Cushion Black
Hairtools Silicone Neck Cushion Black
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£10.25(Ex. VAT)
In stock
Rubbernex Deluxe 2 Pack
Hairtools Rubbernex Deluxe 2 Pack
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£15.99(Ex. VAT)
Out of stock
Hose Black/Chrome
REM Hose Black/Chrome
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£15(Ex. VAT)
Out of stock
Childs Booster Cushion
Hairtools Childs Booster Cushion
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£42.99(Ex. VAT)
In stock
Gummi Broom Head Black
Sibel Gummi Broom Head Black
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£5.25(Ex. VAT)
In stock
Sibel Telescopic Handle For Gummi Broom
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£4.50(Ex. VAT)
In stock
3/8Fem X 3/8Fem Cp Hose
DMI 3/8Fem X 3/8Fem Cp Hose
Sale price (Ex. VAT)£11.60(Ex. VAT)
In stock