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Elevate your grooming experience with the Made For Blade Clipper Spray – the quintessential solution for clipper care. This cutting-edge spray is engineered to perform five essential tasks, revolutionizing the way you maintain your clippers. From killing bacteria to extending the cutting life of your blades, this spray does it all, ensuring optimal performance and a superior customer experience.

Product Features:

  1. STERILISES for Uncompromised Hygiene: Discover a new standard of cleanliness as our clipper spray sterilizes and eliminates bacteria. Your grooming sessions just got safer and more hygienic.

  2. LUBRICATES for Silky Smooth Cuts: Unleash the potential of your clippers with our lubricating formula, reducing friction for a remarkably smooth cut. Precision and comfort come together for a superior grooming experience.

  3. COOLS for Client Comfort: Pamper your clients with a refreshing cooling effect on clipper teeth and blades. Happy clients are the key to a successful grooming session, and our spray ensures a cool and comfortable experience.

  4. CLEANS for Optimal Performance: Bid farewell to dirt and hair buildup. Our clipper spray effectively cleans away debris, ensuring your clippers operate at peak performance with every use.

  5. MAINTAINS Sharpness for Extended Lifespan: Invest in the longevity of your clippers. The Made For Blade Clipper Spray maintains the sharpness of your blades, extending their cutting life. Experience durability like never before.

How To Use:

  • Shake the can vigorously to activate the powerful formula.
  • Hold the clippers in a downward position.
  • Direct the spray at the head of the trimmers and shower for 12 seconds.
  • Wipe away any excess with a clean tissue.
  • Allow residue to evaporate before use, ensuring optimal performance.

Transform your clipper care routine and redefine grooming excellence with the Made For Blade Clipper Spray – where innovation meets precision for a grooming experience like no other.

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