Line Plus Digital Matt Hairdryer - Black

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  • POWER: 2300/2500W | WEIGHT: 402 g | AIR PRESSURE: 320mmH2O | AIR RACE: 119.7 m3/h | NOISE ISE: 66Db (integrated silencer) | CABLE: 3 Meters | COLD SHOW: Yes | Mouthpieces TE: 2
  • IONIC TECHNOLOGY: appliances that exploit this technology emit - in addition to heat - negative ions that break down the water present in the hair into micromolecules. In this way, part of the water evaporates and another part is absorbed by the stems, closing the cuticles and making the hair softer and shiny.
  • TORMALINE: crushed into precious crystals, tourmaline is used in plates and hair dryer to ensure health and shine. Thanks to the action of millions of negative ions that turn into water micromolecules, hair dryers and plates made with tourmaline dry the hair and shape them with a natural sweetness.
  • CERAMIC: ceramic is an excellent conductor of heat and is able to maintain it over time. Hair dryers with ceramic grids avoid the risk of dehydrating hair and compromising its color.
  • NANOTECHNOLOGY: The constant research aimed at creating equipment that combines excellent performance and small size results in a meticulous study of components to create true masterpieces of miniature engineering.

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